April 12, 2021
Outdoor Spring Activities to Do with Aging Parents
Spring Activities To Do With Aging Parents

Spring Activities to Do with Aging Parents

Are you ready to enjoy the freshness of spring with your aging parent or relative?  With winter leaving us and paving the way for spring and outdoor activities, it is the perfect time to spend some outdoor time with your loved one.  Check out these simple ideas for fun, outdoor spring activities to do with aging parents.  

Enjoy a walk

If your loved one is able, take a stroll outside.   The fresh air and the sunshine are sure to perk anyone up!   A walk is the perfect outdoor spring activity and is also an opportunity for your loved one to get some necessary exercise.  It provides some time to talk and check in on how your loved one is doing.  As we age, ordinary movement may become challenging or more painful.   A walk is a low-impact way to get those muscles moving.  Going for a stroll around the neighborhood is a quick and easy choice, but consider any nearby parks or scenic areas that are within a short driving distance.   If you live near a non-strenuous nature trail, that would be a great choice as well for a change of scenery.   Keep in mind the terrain if you will be pushing your loved one in a wheelchair.  You will want to be sure that the walkway is paved, level, and able to provide a smooth and pleasant ride.   We all know that the sun’s Vitamin D is essential for our physical and mental health!   Taking a walk next time you are spending quality time with your relative will give them (and you) some much-needed TLC from the sun.

Visit a plant nursery

Brightly blooming flowers are nature’s artwork!   What better way to enjoy the new colors of spring than at a plant nursery!  After being cooped up during the cold and dreary winter months, observing all of the flowers at a nursery is a welcome activity to do with your aging parent and a way to spend some time together.   And if they are able, bring a few low-maintenance plants home for your loved one to care for.   Research shows that gardening and tending to plants is therapeutic and good for our mental health.  Perhaps you can help set up a small indoor herb garden or bonsai tree to bring a little piece of nature inside.

Bring the kids by

Grandparents truly love to spend quality time with their grandchildren.   Children bring joy and energy to the visit, and aging relatives are amused with simple chats with the younger generation.   If you are brainstorming some engaging activities to do together, consider bringing a puzzle or game.  Kids and grandparents could also bake cookies together or enjoy tossing a ball to take in the pleasant spring weather.

Create a simple craft

Since spring is a time to enjoy the outdoors, you can entice the birds to your loved one’s backyard by making a homemade birdfeeder.  There are many DIY birdfeeder ideas on the internet that involve only basic craft supplies and household items that you probably already have (like an empty milk carton).   Consider placing the feeder near a window so your loved one can enjoy the birds anytime they like.  Be sure to stock up on seed too so they always have food on hand to refill their feeder.  Creating a sweet birdhouse craft together for them to enjoy even when you leave is a perfect spring activity to do with your aging parent.   

Find local events and attractions

Do you live in a place that hosts a farmer’s market?  Perhaps there are botanical gardens nearby or a local zoo?  If your aging loved one is up for it, you can get creative with your time together by visiting a local attraction.   Check your local events guide for weekend art and crafts shows, music festivals, and any other opportunity that provides a gentle, yet enjoyable and stimulating experience for you and your loved one.

If you are still stumped on choosing an outdoor spring activity to do with your aging parent, ask them!  Perhaps there is somewhere they have been wanting to explore or something they are interested in doing during your visit.   

During your time together, take note of how your loved one is doing.   Oftentimes, we can get a gauge of their well-being through simple conversation and observing their normal movements and activities.   Are they having trouble with mobility or getting around their home?  Did you notice if their speech was slower or if they were having trouble keeping up with the conversation?  Perhaps they have forgotten important things that they used to remember like significant dates or parts of their daily routine.  Does your loved one simply feel lonely?  An in-home caregiver can help with all of these concerns or just provide some much-needed company.  When a family member can’t be there to look in our treasured aging relatives, it brings peace of mind to know that another trusted person is. 

Learn more about how Caregivers United can help support your aging parent or special relative by bringing quality care to your loved one at their home.  Call (941) 225-0055 to schedule a free in-home consultation or find us on Facebook and Twitter!






Published: April 12, 2021
Author: Caregivers United
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