May 3, 2021
Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Elderly Mom

Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Elderly Mom

Are you looking for ideas on ways to celebrate Mother’s Day with your senior mother this year? Perhaps you have a senior aunt or grandmother whom you want to shower with some extra love? Whether you are spending the day together in person or are only together in spirit, check out this list of ideas for ways to celebrate with your senior mom, as well as several thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to touch her heart.


Spend Time with Your Elderly Mom this Mother’s Day

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Spending quality time with your aging mom on Mother’s Day is one of the best gifts you can give her. There are so many wonderful and meaningful activities you can do at her home, especially if she is unable to leave. Have you considered bringing over a meal of her favorite food you made or her favorite takeout food/delivery? Sharing a meal together, with laughter and conversation, is always a special time.


Your mother may also enjoy some of the innovations in technology that are available to all of us with a computer. For example, she may enjoy a virtual concert of her favorite musicians from years past. Is your mom an art lover? Then she will love a virtual field trip to an art museum! Technology can bring the world’s best museums to our fingertips anytime.  Travel the world together, listen to music or visit the Louvre all from the comfort of home.


If your mom enjoys keeping her mind active by playing cards or a board game, she will enjoy spending time playing with you too.  Puzzling or playing games together opens the door to playful banter and a good time for everyone.


You could also choose to celebrate Mother’s Day with your elderly mom by creating a collaborative family project like a family tree. Aging people enjoy sharing stories and memories of years past. Your mom will love working together with you to record your family history and the many colorful family members that have existed along the way. You can use paid tools like to really dive deep into your family’s lineage if you wish. She will treasure the finished project and the time spent together.


Signing up for a class together is a fun idea for a mom with hobbies and varied interests. Does your mom enjoy cooking, painting, or crafting? Give the gift of time and pay for a class for your two to take together. Think about a one-time class that you both would enjoy or a series of classes. With a series, it will be something you both look forward to week after week.


Time spent engaging in any special activity which she enjoys is the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day with your elderly mom. All you need do is keep one thing in mind: the day is about appreciating the mother she has been to you all these years. No matter how you spend the day, she will treasure quality time spent with her loved ones.  

Are you considering a more traditional gift idea for your elderly mom?

Perhaps you are planning to spend the day with your mom, but you would also like to bring a gift to her. Here are some amazingly simple but thoughtful ideas:

  • Bring her favorite flowers. Most moms love the smell and look of fresh flowers in their homes! Bring her a bouquet of her favorites or have them sent from a local florist if you live out of town.
  • Give her a digital rotating picture frame. Moms will enjoy the memories that get conjured up when she looks at a rotating picture frame. You can preload digital images of your own family, grandkids, pets, notable vacations, and even old photos from her own childhood and young life.
  • Compose a memory jar. A memory jar is an easy DYI, homemade gift. To create a memory jar, spend some time thinking about funny memories, heartfelt memories, childhood memories, and more. Get step-by-step instructions here to create one for mom, as well as download a free template to write each memory. She will love revisiting these memories throughout the year.
  • Buy and preload an easy-to-use MP3 player. Music will make the soul sing! Create a custom playlist with your mom’s favorite tunes already preloaded on an easy-to-use mp3 player. She will be able to be transported to the fun times of her youth through the magic of music.


While you are visiting with your mother or elderly relative, observe how she is doing. Often, we get clues as to how her physical and mental health is faring through everyday conversations. Is she having trouble maneuvering around her home? Was Mom able to keep up with the conversation, or did she struggle? As her child, you might notice small changes that could be indicators of greater issues she is facing as she ages. An in-home caregiver can assist with many of these concerns or simply offer much-needed companionship. Life can be busy, and when you can’t be there to check in on your mom, it is comforting to know that another person is. 


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Published: May 3, 2021
Author: Caregivers United
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