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Caregivers United provides industry-leading care to seniors. It all starts with the right in-home care services that fall into several categories of in-home care for seniors. Which includes services for those with special care situations caused by numerous medical conditions. Caregivers United provides you or your family with senior helpers whether the need is short-term or long-term Specialty Home Care for your loved ones. We are very passionate about providing care to our clients and we treat each home care client like our own family. We ensure the best possible care for your loved ones and give you peace of mind.

Injuries are unexpected and can cause stress on the patient and the family with the process of recovery. Caregivers United is here to relieve the stress of physical therapy, grocery shopping, medications, and more. We are capable of making the recovery process as comfortable and as fast as possible. The in-home injury recovery care does not just cover physical care needs but emotional care needs as well. Being injured can be upsetting and frustrating to the patient. Our staff is caring and eager to keep you at your best at all times. Mobility after a surgical recovery may be limited but the help of our amazing and highly trained staff will make sure you are comfortable.

Caregivers United aids in transportation to and from your doctor’s appointments. We also help with meal prep, housekeeping needs, hygiene care, and retrieving prescriptions. The care we offer leaves the patient and the patient’s family with no stress. Vitals will be monitored regularly and medication reminders given on schedule The recovery process is made easy with Caregivers United.

Post-injury or post-surgery, there are many lifestyle changes that will need time to adjust to. Caregivers United makes this transition with ease. Our nurses can make sure the recovery is maintained well and you can have the best possible recovery. We will assist through all stages of recovery and be there for support for long-term or short-term care. The care we offer can be around-the-clock care, home services, morning to evening care. We want to make your loved one feel the most comfortable at home with the best care we have to offer. Read More…



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