November 7, 2022
Taking Care of Caregivers
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Taking Care of Caregivers


As experts in the caregiver industry, we are passionate about providing practical tips for caring for your loved one at home and how to best support any chronic conditions. However, we never want to forget about one of the most influential figures in a senior’s life: you as the family caregiver. So, in this post, we’re diving into ways to care for the caregiver. Whether that’s you or a close friend or relative you know, we think you’ll find these caregiver tips very useful.


Support Groups


Joining a caregiver support group is a must for any caregiver. We go into greater detail about what a support group is, the types of support groups, and how to join them in this post, but it’s important to discuss how support groups are great tools for the caregiver. A support group provides community, advice, a chance to support other caregivers, and the chance to gather with others who understand your struggles.


There are various ways to connect with caregiver support groups that will work with your busy schedule. The point is to get involved with a support group in some way to help take care of your mental and emotional health.


Create Routines


Research shows that daily routines benefit Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, but the same can be said for caring for any senior loved one. Routines provide security and predictability for seniors while encouraging independence and purpose in their daily life. Creating daily routines is also helpful for the caregiver. As a caregiver to your senior loved one, routines allow for a more peaceful day because you both know what to expect throughout each part of the day. 


Flexible structure through routines can help you provide more consistent and intentional care to your senior loved one, which can help reduce the stress of the unknown. Start small and tailor the routines and schedules to your senior family member’s needs and capabilities. 


Prioritize Self Care


As a caregiver, you have to prioritize your care as well. You won’t be able to care for someone else effectively if you aren’t filling your needs too. You’ve heard the saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” and it’s true for caring for your senior loved one. It may seem counterproductive to put yourself first at times, but that’s one of the best ways to take care of yourself and, ultimately, your senior family member.


Make it a priority to do something regularly that fills your cup and brings joy. This could look like taking an exercise class, meeting a friend for weekly lunch, sleeping in one morning, or taking evening walks alone. Be honest about making time for yourself and bringing in extra help to fill those gaps so your senior is still cared for. You will feel refreshed and ready to dedicate your time and energy to your beloved aging family member.


Hire In-Home Caregivers


Often, families realize the best way to take care of family caregivers is to bring extra professional help. In-home caregivers can provide as much care to your senior as you need. However, finding the right caregiving service for your family is important. You need an in-home caregiver company that puts your senior and family first and provides specialized care for your senior’s unique needs. 


Caregivers United is the top in-home caregiving company in Sarasota, offering 24/7 specialized care for your senior. We only hire caregivers who are passionate about providing the highest level of care. Whether you need help once a week or 24/7 care, the caregivers at Caregivers United are here to help. You even have the option for short-term care after surgery or injury or consistent and regular care.


In-home caregivers do more than just provide a break for family caregivers. While a mental and physical break is much needed, in-home caregivers also bring professional training and expertise to your loved one’s condition. Having another person on your senior loved one’s care team will genuinely enhance their level of care. When you bring in extra help that provides professional and compassionate care, you also take care of yourself and your family.


Schedule a Free Courtesy Visit Today


The best way to see how an in-home caregiver can provide high-quality care for your senior loved one’s specific needs is to schedule a free courtesy visit with Caregivers United. After you contact us, you will be evaluated by one of our RNs to see how we can best serve your needs. Caregivers United is committed to providing a fast response and having your senior loved one evaluated within 48 hours after completing the form. It really is that easy to get matched with a top caregiver in Sarasota! We look forward to serving your senior and your family.



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Published: November 7, 2022
Author: Caregivers United
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