January 3, 2022
Best Memory Games for Seniors
Best Memory Games for Seniors

Best Memory Games for Seniors


Memory games are great activities for aging seniors because they stimulate their minds and improve their mental health and memory. It’s even better when you can find memory games your senior loved one actually enjoys playing. The best part about memory games is there are options for independent play and multiple players. It’s also a great way to encourage social interaction or include family members of all ages in play. Let’s dive into some of the best memory games for seniors.


Crossword Puzzles


Crossword puzzles are classic games that are available anywhere. You can buy crossword puzzle books, print off crossword puzzles online, or even play digitally on a phone or tablet. Crossword puzzles help seniors recall words or learn new terms. It can also be a relaxing activity for seniors to pick up and leave throughout the day. You’ll find this is an easy game children can play with seniors as well!


Include other word puzzles like word searches and hangman to keep activities new and exciting. Find crossword and word puzzles covering different subjects and categories too.




If your senior loves working with numbers, Sudoku is their game. Through these puzzles, seniors will strengthen their problem-solving skills, memory, and concentration. Your senior will also use logical thinking skills in Sudoku games. Sudoku puzzles encourage the player to use different parts of the brain, which is essential to exercising the mind.


Sudoku is another game easily found in digital format or pen and paper. Find out if your senior engages more with Sudoku through an app on their phone or a traditional sudoku book. This independent game also boosts your spirit when you complete the sudoku puzzle correctly!




Chess is a classic game that you may not think of as a memory game, but it certainly has qualities that encourage brain stimulation. Playing chess increases focus, logical reasoning, and problem-solving. Seniors may either love or dislike chess, but encourage your senior to give it a try if they are hesitant. People are sometimes resistant to chess because it can be complicated to learn at first. However, it can become easier for your senior loved one and ultimately an enjoyable game to play with friends and family with practice.




Completing a jigsaw puzzle is a fantastic family activity with great memory benefits. Puzzles require you to use parts of your brain that you may not operate on a daily basis. Jigsaw puzzles are also very versatile, allowing your senior family member to complete solo, with a partner, or group of people. 


Get creative with the jigsaw puzzles you and your senior complete. Surprise them with a puzzle of their favorite place or activity. It can also start great conversations about memories. You can even order a jigsaw puzzle of your own family picture!




Card games are engaging activities for aging seniors. They encourage social interaction, inexpensive and flexible to set up and play anywhere. But did you know card games, like solitaire, also have excellent memory benefits? Solitaire is said to improve thinking and memory skills. The nature of solitaire also allows your senior loved one to start and stop at their own pace throughout the day. This will keep their mind stimulated for more extended periods!


Solitaire is an independent card game, but other group card games that engage memory are bridge, gin rummy, and even poker or blackjack. These card games encourage strategy, concentration, and memory. If you have a young card player in your family, a simple card game of Go Fish with your senior family member will also stimulate memory skills.




Consider bringing out a board game like Scrabble for your next family game night. It’s a fun game all ages will enjoy and gives your senior an opportunity to use creativity, word recall, and learn new vocabulary. Of course, everyone will get a laugh at the crazy words players come up with too!


Many board games have brain-stimulating qualities that the whole group will engage with. For example, games like backgammon, Yahtzee, and Dominoes are easy to learn, use memory and critical thinking skills.


Online Apps & Games


Most of the memory games on this list have digital versions too. There are also thousands of online memory games you can find as apps to download on your senior family member’s smartphone or tablet. Examples of engaging memory apps and games are Luminosity, CogniFit, 4 Pics 1 Word, and many more. It’s probably best to play the games yourself a few times to ensure it won’t cause frustration for your senior loved one.



Memory games are reliable tools to help improve your senior loved one’s memory, but if you notice your senior needs more assistance, you have options. In-home caregivers give your aging senior the exact help they need while maintaining their independence at home. Whether it’s short-term or long-term, Caregivers United is here to provide the best care to your senior loved one. From shopping trips to transportation to basic personal care, or our specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care, the trained staff at Caregivers United is here to help 24/7. Contact us today for a free courtesy visit.



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Published: January 3, 2022
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