September 4, 2023
4 Tips for Seniors Returning Home After a Hospital Stay
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4 Tips for Seniors Returning Home After a Hospital Stay


Hospital visits are unpleasant for anyone, so when the time comes for discharge, it’s understandable to want to get on the fast track home. However, for seniors returning home after a hospital stay, whether planned or unexpected, take extra care and precaution for the transition home. Let’s look at some practical ways to help your senior loved one return home from a hospital stay and how in-home caregivers in the greater Sarasota area can bring peace of mind during their recovery.


Prepare Your Senior Loved One

The most important tip is to prepare your senior family member. Whether they had surgery, illness, or injury, they will likely have physical limitations for some time. Help your senior loved one understand the recovery process and their doctor’s recommendations. If they struggle with accepting help, find ways to encourage independence, which can help their mental health too! 


Prepare Family Members

A senior’s family members likely feel all the emotions while their loved one stays in the hospital. After discharge, your senior loved one will need continued family support. Create a schedule for family and friends to visit or bring meals to help support recovery! This will look different for every family, but we highly recommend the primary caregiver find support. Working with a professional in-home caregiver will help ensure your senior family member receives essential care while supporting family caregivers. 


Prepare the Home

Preparing the home for your senior loved one is a critical part of the transition back home. Check that the bedroom and bathroom are fully accessible to your senior family member, especially if a walker or wheelchair is necessary during recovery. A trained in-home care professional will be able to help you identify any home safety concerns and help ensure your senior loved one is safe and comfortable in their transition home.


How In-Home Caregivers Can Help

There are several ways a Florida in-home caregiver can help your senior loved one return home after a hospital stay. When searching for an in-home caregiving service, make sure they specialize in post-injury or post-surgery care. This necessary expertise will help your senior family member recover physically, mentally, and emotionally in the safest way! 


When many people think of in-home caregivers, they think of vital checks and medication. While these are crucial parts of an in-home caregiver’s role, these aren’t the only services they provide. Here are a few other ways an in-home caregiver can provide in-home surgery recovery.


  • Physical Therapy: An in-home caregiver can assist your senior loved one with physical therapy exercises. They can provide encouragement, reminders, and even physical support to complete the exercises correctly. Regular physical therapy exercises can promote faster recovery, so having a trained professional help your senior loved one is important!
  • Transportation: Whether it’s physical therapy appointments, other doctor’s appointments, or the grocery store, an in-home caregiver can provide transportation for your senior family member. If your senior loved one drove a vehicle before their hospital stay, this might be a difficult adjustment. In-home caregivers can provide more freedom for your senior loved one with transportation.
  • Meal Prep: When your senior loved one returns home, it may be challenging for them to prepare nutritious meals throughout the day. An in-home caregiver can provide meal prep and even grocery shopping for your loved one during their recovery. If your senior loved one’s doctor recommends a specific diet or foods to avoid, the caregiver will prepare meals with this in mind. 
  • Housekeeping: A clutter-free and safe home environment makes a tremendous impact on your senior’s recovery. Part of an in-home caregiver’s role in your loved one’s recovery is light housekeeping tasks around their home. They can also provide recommendations on potential safety hazards or how to better accommodate the home to your senior family member’s needs.
  • Mobility Care: After a hospital stay, mobility is limited and usually uncomfortable for seniors. A trained in-home caregiver will provide mobility care to help their recovery progress and stay comfortable throughout the transition back home.


Best In-Home Caregivers in Sarasota, FL

When your senior family member is discharged from the hospital, professional in-home caregivers can take a lot of stress off your family and senior family member. Not every in-home caregiver in Sarasota, FL, is created equal, though! Consider a caregiving company that specializes in surgery recovery and has outstanding service. Caregivers United is the premium in-home caregiver serving Sarasota, FL, and surrounding areas. We genuinely care about your senior loved one and aim to make the recovery process as comfortable and quick as possible.


Caregivers United offers short-term and long-term in-home caregiving services. We’re available 24/7 with professional and certified caregivers ready to serve your loved one like our own family. Contact us today for a free courtesy visit and to learn more about our caregiving services.

Published: September 4, 2023
Author: Caregivers United
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