April 4, 2022
5 Ways to Care For Someone With Stroke Recovery
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5 Ways to Care For Someone With Stroke Recovery


Caring for someone in stroke recovery is important and challenging work, but worth it to see your family member work to regain their regular function. You may wonder where’s the best place to start with stroke recovery care. Don’t get overwhelmed with goals or progress, and just stay focused on your loved one’s physical, mental, and emotional needs. Here are five ways to care for a loved one during stroke recovery:


1. Encourage regular movement 


Rehabilitation is vital for stroke recovery as many stroke patients suffer motor impairments to some degree. Work closely with your loved one’s team of medical professionals to ensure they receive the right therapy to regain function. In addition, you can encourage them to complete their daily rehabilitation exercises and regular movements throughout the day at home. Keeping their body moving in some way is vital for stroke recovery.


2. Make necessary home modifications for safety


This is another reason working with your loved one’s team of medical professionals and therapists is essential. Often, stroke patients have mobility struggles during recovery, like balance issues that put them at increased risk of falling. Assess your loved one’s living area and talk with an occupational therapist or doctor to see if there needs to be any modifications installed in their home for safety.


These home modifications might include grab bars, non-slip mats, railing, or rearranging furniture for more open spaces. Also, make sure the toilet, shower, and bathroom sink are easily and safely accessible. Modifying your loved one’s home for safety after a stroke doesn’t have to be expensive either. Usually, you don’t need to invest in a complete home remodel to keep your loved one safe in their home. Instead, there are minor adjustments, and products you can use that are affordable and give your loved one more independence and safety.


3. Have a thorough understanding of medication dosage, timing, and side effects 


Your loved one will likely be on medication vital to their recovery and well-being moving forward. One of the critical ways you can care for someone in stroke recovery is by thoroughly understanding the ins and outs of their medication. This includes dosage, timing, and side effects. It may be helpful to write all the instructions and information down and keep a daily log of your loved one’s symptoms to track.


It’s also important to note that stroke survivors can still experience stroke side effects during recovery at home. This is another thing to monitor and record as necessary; then, discuss with your loved one’s doctors. Keeping a watchful eye on stroke patients to look for any new or concerning symptoms can make a difference in their recovery.


4. Assist with healthy lifestyle choices 


Stroke patients are at risk for another stroke, so making important lifestyle changes is critical. As a caretaker, you can assist with these lifestyle choices for your loved one. First, prioritizing physical health is crucial. Prepare balanced and low-fat meals, encourage daily exercise and movement, and continue all medication as prescribed. 


While a stroke patient’s physical health and recovery are incredibly necessary, a stroke can have a deep impact on your loved one’s emotional and mental health as well. About 30-50% of stroke patients will experience post-stroke depression in the months after their stroke. Be patient with your senior loved one and yourself, and support them the best you can. As they are physically able, encourage more independence to help with their overall health and recovery.


5. Consider additional caretakers


Caring for a stroke patient is a selfless and loving act, and not to mention exhausting. If you are the sole caretaker or one of a few caretakers for your loved one, consider bringing in extra help, even if it’s just short term. In-home caregivers specializing in stroke recovery can give you peace of mind and a break while providing the exact recovery care your loved one needs. 


Caregivers United is the trusted team of caregivers for in-home stroke recovery. We provide a wide variety of stroke recovery services to meet you and your loved one right where you’re at. Our stroke recovery care includes anything from mobility support, personal hygiene assistance, transportation, home safety evaluation, and more. Caregivers United is passionate about helping your loved one experience a faster recovery and providing necessary support to you. Request a free courtesy visit today to see how we can help you and your loved one.




Stroke recovery takes endurance from both the stroke patient and the caretaker, but it is not an impossible journey. With the right recovery support, tools, and resources, you can help your loved one recover well from a stroke. But, you can’t forget to take care of yourself as the primary caretaker either. One of the best ways to care for your needs is to bring in additional caretakers who are experts in your loved one’s condition. You can trust the professionals at Caregivers United to walk this journey with you and your loved one every step of the way!

Published: April 4, 2022
Author: Caregivers United