June 6, 2022
Questions to Ask When Considering In-Home Care
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Questions to Ask When Considering In-Home Care


It’s a big decision when you consider in-home caregiving services for your senior family member. As you interview in-home caregivers, it’s important to come prepared with questions to ask. These questions will help you, and your senior loved one understand what an in-home caregiver offers and if it’s the best fit for your family and senior. So let’s dive into questions to ask in-home caregivers.


How soon can you place a caregiver?


At Caregivers United, we can place a caregiver as soon as possible. Once we assess your senior’s specific needs, we can place the best caregiver as soon as you need one.


Are the caregivers insured and certified?


All of our caregivers at Caregivers United are insured and must pass a thorough level II background check. Additionally, our caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) or Certified Health Home Aids (HHAs) and go through consistent training for in-home caregiving.


What is the process to be placed with a caregiver?


The first step is to call us or schedule a free courtesy visit so we can come to meet with you and your senior family member to assess your needs. We are committed to having one of our RNs complete your evaluation within 48 hours. After the evaluation, we place the best caregiver for your senior loved one’s specific needs.


How do I pay for the in-home care services?


At Caregivers United, we don’t just offer exceptional caregiving services. We also take care of all the billing, payroll, and insurance. Paying for your in-home caregiver is simple. We send out weekly invoices that you can pay by check, e-check, or wires. You will not need to pay the in-home caregiver directly.


We do also accept long-term care insurance for payment, as well as Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits, Medicaid Waivers, and Workers Compensation. If you’re wondering if you can afford in-home caregiving services, we can guide you on the best solution. 


When are caregivers available?


We are proud to offer 24/7 caregiving services to our clients. Our goal is to provide the highest level of care anytime you need it, so we have caregivers available any time of the day and night. We also have same-day staffing available, so you can rest assured a caregiver is always close by.


What services can an in-home caregiver provide?


At Caregivers United, we specialize in many different in-home caregiving services, including dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s in-home care. Other specialty services we offer are mobility, MLS, ALS, strokes, cardiovascular, and post-surgical in-home care. Contact us today with your senior loved one’s exact needs, and we will match you with the caregiver best suited for their needs.


How do you find quality caregivers?


This is a great question! We pride ourselves in having the top 1% of caregivers in all of Sarasota. We find and keep such great quality caregivers by seeking top-quality individuals and then training them to be the best caregivers. As we mentioned earlier, all of our caregivers are licensed, insured, and receive ongoing training.


How do you communicate with clients and family members?


We believe in transparent and constant communication between the agency, caregivers, and clients. The owner of Caregivers United is even committed to talking with every client. We communicate with you in the most convenient ways for you and your senior family member. Connect with us anytime, we are happy to help with any questions or concerns, and we will be more than happy to help.


Does my senior family member have to live in a traditional home for in-home care services?


No, we can provide in-home caregiving services wherever your senior loved one chooses to live. We have clients who live in houses, condos, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and independent living facilities. We can even provide services in hospitals and rehab facilities. Our caregivers want to give the exact care your senior loved one needs in whatever living environment makes them comfortable.


What happens if the scheduled caregiver can’t make it?


We will honor our word, if we say we will be there, then we will be there.  If an emergency comes up with your scheduled caregiver, we promise that there will be another caregiver from our team to fill in. 



Asking these questions to your potential in-home caregiver will give you more peace of mind about what they offer and the elite level of care they should provide. Caregivers United is the trusted in-home caregiver service in Sarasota. You’ve seen our answers to these questions, but we invite you to reach out and discuss more about your senior loved one’s needs. Schedule a free courtesy visit today, and we will show you how we can provide the best care to your senior in the comfort of their own home.



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Published: June 6, 2022
Author: Caregivers United
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