Nursing Homes In Omaha NE

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Nursing Homes In Omaha NE

In Nebraska, a significant percentage of people suffer from disabilities that do not let them perform their daily living activities themselves. Such individuals may face such restrictions due to a chronic illness or old age and may not find physical or mental comfort without special care.

Nursing homes are ideal abodes for those undergoing such challenges in life. They offer care to those unable to take care of themselves and provide them the support and sense of community they need.

The Via Christe Assisted Living Community is one of the best nursing homes in Omaha NE. We can offer you the premium quality care you need to spend your retirement years comfortably.

Check out our nifty guide to nursing homes to get all the information you need about the ideal nursing homes so you can choose the best wonder-years abode for yourself or your loved one.

Our Services

At our leading nursing home residential facilities in Omaha NE, the support provided is unsurpassed in resident satisfaction.

Our services include custodial care, which involves the care given to meet daily personal and living needs rather than medical needs, such as dressing, bathing, and feeding.

Our top-of-the-line nursing home also provides medical services akin in care to those provided to patients in hospitals after suffering from illness, surgery, or any other medical problem.

These services include breathing treatments, skilled nursing care, orthopedic care, support following surgery, speech, occupational and physical therapy, administration of antibiotics, intravenous therapy, and wound care.

In addition to assisted living in Omaha, we also provide hospice care, nutrition counseling, memory care, recreational services, and social work services.

Our multi-generational campus is attached to a high school and a preschool to reinforce our ideals of happy communities thriving.

Our Expert Staff

Our specialists include licensed physicians who provide careful supervision of all nursing home residents. We also house a comprehensive team of health professionals to provide skilled nursing care for up to twenty hours a day.

We also have the best physical and occupational therapists in Nebraska on board to enable you to benefit from therapies and medical procedures which you can not avail of in any other housing facility.

Our Costs

In the United States of America, the costs of a nursing home vary from state to state.

At the Via Christe Assisted Living Community, you can avail the lowest nursing home cost in Omaha NE, depending on the services and amenities your loved one desires.

Our residents have access to a convenient monthly lease, combined with dining rooms, a pub, and barbershop, activity and crafts room, as well as a lovely mass at our community chapel.

These facilities, combined with the assistance provided by our staff, make Via Christe’s nursing home and residential care in Omaha Nebraska unbeaten in quality.

At Via Christe, we believe our residents are our family, and we look after them the same way. If you wish for yourself or your loved one to be a part of a warm, welcoming campus, Contact Via Christe Assisted Living Community

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Nursing Homes In Omaha NE

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