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Job Details

Full-time  · $15 – $20 / hour
2075 Main Street #17, Sarasota, FL 34237


Job Description

Would you consider yourself to be one of the top 1% of quality caregivers in the Sarasota region? If so, keep reading. Caregivers United is looking for the highest quality individuals in all of the Sarasota area who are interested in providing care to seniors. We have several concierge clients who require high quality individuals to care for them. We pay more than other agencies simply because our standards are higher. We are interested in finding high-quality individuals who see this as more than a job. Being a Certified Nursing Assistant license or Home Health Aid is helpful, but not required at the beginning. If you do not have prior certification, we are willing to help with that if you apply and pass the interviews.



  • Must have:
    • Some past caregiving experience (caring for sick or frail family member counts)
    • A valid drivers license
    • Auto insurance
    • A clean background (we will run a background check)
  • Must be:
    • Punctual 
    • Good at following directions and anticipating needs
    • An excellent English speaker and a good listener
    • Able to work a minimum of 20 hours weekly
    • Able to wear scrubs

A care supervisor (Founder. Head Nurse, or experience caregiver) will join you on your first shift with every new patient, introduce you, and give you specific instruction and training for the patient/client. You will not go randomly to different patients and figure it out as you go as is common with most home care agencies. We treat both caregivers and patients with intentionality and respect.  We are committed to excellence in every area including: presentation, punctuality, care, communication, and consistency. This goes for how everyone on the team treats one another as well as how we show up for our patients. The caregivers are a tightly-knit team that stick around for the long term, because they love what they do (the owner has known most of the caregivers for years). Most caregivers settle in with a single patient and get into a regular schedule shortly after joining the team. 

We limit the amount of patients/clients we are willing to bring on until we have enough high quality caregivers to increase the amount of patients/clients without compromising the quality of care. We also have a weekly minimum we expect of our clients (20 hours) and four hour shift minimums in order to ensure the caregivers are able to get a steady schedule and shifts worth their time. Caregivers United is committed to hiring the top 1% of caregivers in all of Sarasota. “The best of the best.”

Additional items that will be helpful before starting work (not mandatory before applying):

  1. Doctor’s physical examination (copy)
  2. Recent TB test (copy)
  3. CPR Cert. (copy)