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Dementia, Alzheimer’s Caregiving

Patience & Understanding are paramount in our caregivers

If your loved one has dementia or specifically Alzheimer’s disease, then you are likely experiencing high levels of stress and you are desperate for something (or someone) to help you and your loved one settle into a peaceful routine. Caregivers United is committed to being that difference for your family. We realize that not only does one’s memory diminish over the course of the disease, it is also exceedingly difficult for family and friends to cope with the dramatic relational shifts that take place over the course of the disease. It is of the utmost importance to realize that although the individual is the one needing hands-on care, the family is struggling too. Having a caregiving team like Caregivers United that understands the specific challenges associated with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease cannot be overstated.

Caregivers United allows someone with Dementia to remain home in their most familiar surroundings while also being as safe as possible. We specialize in caring for individuals with Dementia / Alzheimer’s disease, but we are also keenly aware of surrounding challenges accompanying it (tendencies to wander, compromised decision making, hallucinations, physical aggression…..etc). Our Care Team is committed to your spouse, parent, or friend being as comfortable and safe as possible while also considering your well-being. We are available 24/7 to provide around-the-clock care or just take a phone call to answer your questions or concerns.

We are available for a free courtesy visit. Give us a call and we will do everything within our power to assist you and your loved one create a new normal.

In-Home Care for Dementia, Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s

Dementia is a syndrome causing damage to the brain’s daily function. Some of the most primary symptoms include memory loss, difficulty in completing daily tasks, and mood changes. Ways to balance these symptoms are providing a structured schedule with routine daily tasks. Routine keeps the motor skills intact. With dementia, the first affected memory is their short-term memory. Routines that have been done for years, such as making meals, hygiene, and getting dressed, will be remembered more prolonged, but keeping in practice will maintain more independence through their days. Doing this will decrease the chances of aggression and depression from progressing through this process.

In-home dementia care is crucial for a patient with dementia. Giving a safe and secure environment can positively impact their day-to-day lifestyle. Caretakers at Caregivers United can provide them with a daily schedule that can enrich their life with activities. With in-home dementia care, life quality can be greatly refined, so patients and families can feel involved in their daily schedule.

Alzheimer’s care is at its best when the patient receives exercise, social interactions, and maintains a healthy diet. Exercise is beneficial to a person who is experiencing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s to avoid risks of vascular dementia. When exercising, the blood flow and oxygen levels transferred to the brain help increase the functionality. The diet of the patient is important to avoid saturated fats and excess sugar intake. Caregivers United offers to cook a balanced diet making sure your loved one is eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains daily. We also encourage social interactions with family and friends to keep their cognitive functions intact. The mental and social stimulation will help the patient’s progression in Alzheimer’s be an easier transition.

Parkinson’s is a disease commonly found in people past the age of 60. This disease is usually genetically passed down and sometimes, but rarely from toxins in the environment. Parkinson’s does not have a cure, but with medication, it can improve significantly. Medication can put some of the tremors and slow movement at ease. Parkinson’s is a time-consuming disease to treat that is very strenuous on the caregiver if not experienced in handling cases like this. Caregivers United is experienced in taking care of the patient. The patient needs to keep a safe and comfortable environment. Read More…

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Our mission is to provide personalized home care that brings the element of “Living” to each and every one we care for.