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Mobility Care for Stroke, Cardiovascular, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease are just a few of the clients we take care of.

Caregivers United provides industry-leading care to seniors. It all starts with the right in-home care services that fall into several categories of in-home care for seniors. Which includes services for those with special care situations caused by numerous medical conditions. Caregivers United provides you or your family with senior helpers whether the need is short-term or long-term Specialty Home Care for your loved ones. We are very passionate about providing care to our clients and we treat each home care client like our own family. We ensure the best possible care for your loved ones and give you peace of mind.

Cardiovascular recovery includes recovery of physical care and therapy. Physical therapy with assistance from one of our highly trained home nurses helps regain function after a stroke. Caregivers United are here to help you regain your function as best as possible with positive reinforcement as you progress to get better. Lifestyle changes are made easy with our team of home caregivers. The process is kept stress-free to reduce any cardio impact.  With our in-home cardiovascular care, we will help modify a healthy diet, maintain activity, and make the rehabilitation process relaxing and enjoyable.

Post-stroke, a patient may experience feelings of depression and frustration from the trauma. A long or short-term recovery, we can help both get you as much independence we can offer in your daily regimen. Caregivers United will provide you with a special diet to ensure the best outcome during recovery. A recommended diet is based on plant-based foods and ample portions of vegetables. Poultry and fish are excellent sources of healthy protein post-recovery. To help prevent falls, we can safely check home to ensure the house’s conditions are as accessible as can be. We encourage patients to have independence when able and reinforce with positive feedback. The positive feedback guarantees fewer mood swings and better emotional support for a faster recovery

Cardiovascular care specializes in the patient being able to maintain a new lifestyle that can improve the heart muscle drastically. Diet, exercise, and mobility are all the most important factors of the patient’s ability to get better. We are here to help with transportation to and from appointments, meals, exercise, and any personal aid you may need to get back on your feet.  Read More…

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