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Bradenton Home Caregiving Services

We here at Caregivers United aim to provide care for elderly family members in Bradenton. Our in-home care services can meet the needs of any situation and exceed beyond them. The reason for this comes from how much we care about the services we provide.

We provide a number of services from short-term adult care to 24/7 care. Our desire to provide the best care allows us to adjust seamlessly alongside any changes to accommodate their needs. When you place your trust in us, we aim to show it is well placed as we here at Caregivers United care.

Trusted Care in Bradenton

The family of our clients and clients themselves trust our care for many reasons. Their trust stems from our core values which include:

  • Ownership & Responsibility
  • Exceed Expectations Every Time
  • Integrity & Professionalism

Our core values are always showcased in our caregivers. The clients we serve are treated like family and family only deserves the very best. We here at Caregiver’s United aim to create a genuine bond with our clients to provide them proper care.

Specialties We Offer

Dementia, Alzheimer’s Caregiving

Patience and understanding are paramount in our caregivers, and that is why Caregivers United is committed to assisting with your parent, spouse, or friend. In-home dementia care is crucial for patients suffering from dementia. This kind of care is crucial because providing these patients with a safe and secure environment can have a positive impact on their daily lifestyles.

We specialize not only in caring for individuals who have dementia, but we are also keenly aware of the surrounding challenges that accompany this disease (hallucinations, physical aggression, compromised decision making, tendencies to wander, etc.). We are available for a free courtesty visit, so give us a call and we will do everything in our power to assist you and your loved one.

Cardiovascular Caregiving

Caregivers United maintains an industry-leading standard of care to seniors. The clients we care for range from a number of issues including cardiovascular, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and mobility care for stroke.

When it comes to cardiovascular recovery we offer physical care and therapy. Caregivers United is here to assist you in regaining your function. By aiding our patients in maintaining a new lifestyle that improves their heart muscle, we here at Caregivers United can help you get back onto your feet.

Injury Recovery Caregiving

Recovery from an injury is best done at home. Caregivers United provides short and long-term care for your loved ones to help them through this process. To do so we provide physical therapy, assistance with medications, grocery shopping, and much more. Making this process as comfortable as possible is our first most concern and goal.

Our caregiving also includes help with meal prep, housekeeping, hygiene care, retrieving prescriptions, and transportation to and from your doctor’s appointments. The recovery process will always be made easy with Caregivers United.